10/04/2007 – Bonaduce Vrs the World!!

Danny Bonaduce straight fuckin‘ throws this survivor fag Johnny Fairplay over his head like a rag doll. I guess Johnny Faggot-play is sueing Bonaduce, check this:

According to the report, Fairplay, whose real name is Jon Dalton, 33, alleged that he was presenting an award onstage when fellow reality show has-been Bonaduce walked unannounced and unexpectedly onstage. Fairplay said he attempted to hug the VH1 star, only to have an unprovoked Bonaduce grab Fairplay and flip him face first onto the stage.

Per his complaint, Fairplay’s spill resulted in a couple of broken teeth and assorted bruises and cuts.

If you watch the video, it clearly was not a hug but an attempt to chest fuck Bonaduce.

“I said, ‘Buddy, they’re booing because people hate you.’ That’s it. I turned and walked away and I am off the first step of the stage. I heard him yell, I turn around, literally 10 feet away, and he’s running at me at full speed.

“He leaps into the air and straddles me—his legs are above my waist. He’s now got me in the death grip, jerking me back and forth trying to know me to the ground…I just grabbed the butt of his jeans and pushed straight up into the air. And apparently he landed behind me on his teeth.


“I didn’t know he’d be so light.”

My opinion of this? Fairplay got what he deserved. One should never attempt the on-air-chest-fuck to someone who could probably kick the shit out of Satan (or at very least someone who has partied with him).


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