09/29/07 – fucker stole my bike.

I have nothing really to update with today, only that I have been working on jhorsley3.com while here at work today since theres fuck all else to do. I no longer work for GottaPlay, which is sort of nice. But what that means for today is I am here waiting for the Donobi phone to ring and…well nothing else. I have gotten a little drawing done. Just need to make sure I finish this before the weekend is over so I can post it on monday.

Speaking of the comic strip, I want to do anothor “VECTOR WORLD” series of strips. So this is the first casting call for anyone who wishes to be a part of it. All it involves on your part would be to have your picture taken so I can vectorize them into a comic strip. email me if you are interested.

And the last order of business for today is this:

What the hell is THIS

I it seems like my posts are getting stolen then put on some wierd porn blog? I don’t get it!
Here is a screen capture if you dont want to click the link:

Crazy shit!

I’m not sure what I can do about this…but it sort of worries me…


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