09/23/07 – Evening Blog

Welcome to my Evening RCOA blog entry. Make your selves comfortable, I am going to talk about some random shit that I find interesting.

Man fucks
2 Shiatsu “massage therapists” and gets wanked off by a 4th, by request of the police

“The informant allegedly was masturbated once and had intercourse three times with two different women while state troopers sat outside in a vehicle and listened to what was happening. They laughed afterward.

Each time, state police paid the informant $40 for his ”time and effort,” according to testimony at a Lehigh County Court hearing Tuesday.”

How do you explain this to future/current girlfriends and wives? “uh, honey, the police MADE me fuck these Asian whores in a sting
operation. No really, I swear I didn’t enjoy it!”

Will Wheaton on Family Guy

This was taken from Wesley’s blog post today:

“I play myself, in a story that you could call a tribute to Next Generation. Pretty much everyone from the cast is on board for the episode, and holy shit is it funny”

This is better news then the upcoming

Star Wars Family Guy season opener. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that will be even funnier then

Thumb Wars, but a parody of TNG with the original cast? Fuckin’ hell sign me up to watch!

Take a close close look at this cover. Click on it to see it larger. This is the ACTUAL cover that has been released for
Super Mario Galaxy for the

Did you look?

Did you notice which letters the ‘stars’ are touching?

If you did not, it spells out:


Good job Nintendo, good job.

Has anyone ever seen this? From Disney’s The Lion King, a scene where the sky spells out the word ‘SEX‘.

Some say urban legand, some say truth. Take a look for yourself, I say its true.


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