09/19/07 – Awake, filling out applications. 2

This is some funny ass shit dawg. Man, I am a sad sad person when I am looking up Harry Potter parodies. Oh well, it’s something to do.

Man I have been watching Knocked Up a whole hell of a lot recently. Shit thats a funny movie. I think I will share some random qutoes from the movie that I enjoy.

“Female Doctor: Oops. That’s not your vagina. That’s your asshole.”
Ben: “How are things at butt-fucking-ham palace?”
Pete: “You’re Babe Ruths gay brother…Gabe Ruth”

And lastly the greatest responce to being told you are pregnant ever:
Alison: I’m pregnant.
Ben: Fuck off!
Alison: What?
Ben: What?
Alison: I’m pregnant..
Ben: With emotion?
AlisonWith a baby….you’re the father

Ok, I think thats ebough movie qutoes.

Here is a gif full of editied porn images. I laughed for a pretty long time over this.

I think I will go sit in the living room and draw for awhile now. I did some drawing earlier today and I am hoping to some have something to scan and post by tomorrow nights blog.


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