09/17/07 – Well you know what kid, you ARE all that AND a bag of chips. 2

So yeah, shit sucks again. We had court this morning for the parenting plan for Jakob. Our lawyer told us we did not need to attend, so we didn’t (in reality we where going to but slept in. We actually got decent sleep last night). So right after it was finished we get a phone call from Donald statinghe will be over at 3pm to see Jakob. I tell him we need to talk with our lawyer first and if he shows up at 3pm without us talking with our lawyer I will call the cops on him for trespassing. We find out from our lawyer that Donald didn’t quite tell us the whole truth. Donald said that if his parents can not do it then we MUST do the visit at OUR house, whether we have plans or not.
What the judge really said was that visits are supervised (he tried for unsupervised and the judged laughed at him) and that his parents, a mutual friend or Kaylie and I could supervise. If no one is available and we do not wish to supervise then there is no visit.
I guess in court he told the judge he wanted visits to be from 6pm to 11pm three times a week. Yes, you read that right 6 at night to 11 at night to visit with an 18 month old child. So what, is he planning to visit until 8pm then watch him sleep for 3 hours? Sometimes I am convinced the boy doesn’t think. At all.
Here is the real kicker to the whole thing. He calls me at work today at 1pm saying that his father doesn’t believe him about what is going on and will not pick up Jakob until he sees the paper work. Then Donald informs me that he will not be over to see Jakob at 3pm tonight. Which you know, by all means this is ok with me, but we had already planned on giving him the visit. We do try our best to accommodate Donald so he can see Jakob. Not for Donald’s sake, but for Jakob. So I do find it funny, and a true sign of his character, that after fighting for this (half assed fighting I might add) on the VERY FIRST visit he calls and says he wont be over. Mind you, this is Donald and there is a VERY good chance that he could call back and say he changed his mind.

Winston’s Lego Computer
A frickin’ LEGO computer, thats awesome! Just think though…if your computer overheated you would have a plastic mess of crap-ness. Neat to look at. Reminds me of this:

“The CL850 is portable input device adopting the company’s sensor module which recognizes locations and movements of fingers and transmits the inputs recognized by the sensor to user’s device.
WTF? I want one! God, if only I was Korean right now.


One last thing before I post this…I want this.


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