09/14/07 – sick days.

This is for Jon. Done completely with a sharpie.

Dog credited with alerting homeowner to sex assault attempt

(the mothers facial expression is priceless)
Ain’t this some shit? my favorite line is the mom saying
“I heard my husband pick the kid up and throw him on the floor and ask him what are you doing in my home and why are you in my 12 year old’s daughter’s bed”
I would have been beating the FUCK out of this kid until the cops showed up. There would be a good possibility that I would already be digging a hole in the back yard by the time the cops got there.
Sick shit.

This is neat. Open up calculator and multiply 111,111,111 by 111,111,111 and look at the answer.
It’s 12345678987654321.

how rad is that?


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