09/12/07 – Well, heres another blow…

So I found out today that as of 10/01/2007, I will be unemployed. My friend Krystal has informed of a possible job working on the Ferry, so I am going to send my resume off to her boss. I also applied for a job out at Keyport today through a friend of my mom’s. I would like to get that job because I am sure it pays pretty decent, like $15-$20 an hour or so. I wrote up this fancy schmancy cover letter and everything for it. I’ll write up a cover letter for the ferry job too, but it won’t be as pretty.

It is lunch time and lucky for me I actually made a lunch for myself today. It’s not a very fancy lunch, but it will get me by.


So last night my parents to the wife and I to Costco and bought us a shit pile of Groceries. They also bought me a new 4gb thumb drive. I have a 1gb already, but now I get to have to mighty hand-held power a 4gb!!! I remember when I got a 2.2gb HDD for my P3 666mhz computer and I thought it was top shit, now I have 4bg of flash memory hanging from my keychain. Now I can really play with pendrive apps to fully make myself a fucking geek! It already comes with a few games on it, like Suduku, I cant wait to give it it’s own Firefox or even it’s own OS! Oh the excitement!


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