09/11/07 – Happy Birthday Dylan!!!! 3

A lot of bloggers, radio DJ‘s and news reporters are reflecting today on what they where doing six years ago when the towers fell. I however will not be joining that bandwagon. Instead I will be wishing Dylan a Happy Birthday and make this a Dylan-Centric post. Some might say I have an unhealthy gay obsession with Dylan, I disagree. I think that it is completely healthy. As some of you may know for several years I wrote and drew a comic strip based on Dylan, me and our friends. Today let me share with you the evolution of Dylan through my eyes. The first image I would like to share with you today is the first time I ever drew Dylan…..

copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. This was done in drawing II class with Dylan sitting next to me. You see, Dylan and I took a few art classes together (some of my favorite memories from college) and this was the first one. I felt the need to draw him fighting a Sea Creature for some reason.
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. The next one on our list down memory lane With Dylan is my second attempt to capture the true nature of what it is to be Dylan. We all know that he can sprout wings a fly like an angel, but no one has ever seen this. This was the point that I decided to take Dylan and turn him into a SUPER-HERO! To take a stab at writing and drawing a comic book by myself based on Dylan and his Super-Hero Alter Ego ‘Y2Christ’. He agreed to let me do this so I began working on it.
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. This is what the first page of about 16 that I did end up drawing looked like for the actual “Y2Christ” book that I was working on. I wrote The full first issue but stopped drawing them half way through because I realized how much it SUCKED. If you where one of the unfortunate few who bought a copy of my ‘Larry The Coked Out Bunny Presents #1‘ then you got to see the first 6 pages in all their glory-suckness. And yes, there is a reference to Vanilla Sky on this page, can you find it?
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. I started the comic strip in 2003 when I was 21. I knew nothing about drawing or writing comics so I sort of did everything wrong. I would put out crap each week and think it was funny. If memory serves I started the strip sometime around November of 2003, but don’t hold me to that. This watercolor was done right before I started the webcomic and was inspired by a painting of the Hulk that I saw. This painting is no where hear as good, but I still like it. I just wish I would have chosen some darker colors for it. It was right around the time I painted this that I decided that the Y2christ comic was complete shit and that I should just do a satire web comic to make fun of things.
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. Ahh, the very first “Y2christ-Lite” strip in all its shit-tastic-ness glory. It really was a terrible start to my start in to web-comics. I didn’t take my time, I didnt bother to even TRY very hard with it. Originally it was just black and white, as if you have read them the first 90 or so where not colored. The first 25 or so strips are not very funny, nor well done. I’m not sure why I even continued at this point. I honestly knew what I was drawing and writing was not very good, but I was compelled to do it. If you look through the archive you can see the progression from utter shit to not so bad. My main problem back then wasn’t that I was a terrible artist, in fact I don’t think I am much better, is at all, now then I was then. I pretty certain my problem was I rushed everything I did. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. This, as we all know, will hurt the quality of that you do. I don’t think I learned this until the 80th or so strip I did.
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. Brad’s Girl“. This was the first strip that I actually thought was funny, and still do to this day! It’s one of the few Larry centric strips I’ve done and still the funniest in my mind. Of course, this joke doesn’t make sense any more because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had to go and get divorced and ruin my joke, but still it makes me laugh.  Larry is a pretty cool character, I’m not sure what I based him on but I do know that he is fun to draw. Maybe sometime this week I will do a retrospect on Larry and post it up for all to see.
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. Dylans’ Way 1“. This new look for Dylan came from a conversation him and I. He wanted ‘Batman Eyes’ and a pea coat. Naturally I liked the idea, but had to make it happen in what I thought would be a funny way. I generally use his character, and the character of Garret, to point out the shortcuts and cheap things I do in the strip to get them finished on time. It’s fun that way.  You will notice that this is strip 132. That means for 131 strips Dylan looked like a child who didn’t know how to take his hoodie off. Some people thought he would be the ‘Kenny’ of my strip in the early days, but since I never planned on killing characters off (even though I did, because the cast got waaaay to large) he just ended up being the punchline (just like in real life!).
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. WTF?. This is the last strip I did (or at least posted) that had Dylan in it. I had this huge story line plotted out with Larry, The Tiki Guy, Dylan, myself and the rest of the characters where I was thinning out the cast and going to re-start the whole story from scratch. I didn’t get very far. Only 5 strips after this one (on April 16th, 2006) I stopped published them all together.  I do have plans to restart the strip by the end of this year and to continue it as a once a week web-comic. I want to restart this because we all know we love following the miss-adventures of Dylan and the gang of Y2cl-Lite!
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. And what post that is all about Dylan would be complete with out a picture of the one and only ‘Gus’? Oh how we miss that little guy! It’s to bad you had to be chopped off so Dylan could keep living, what a selfish bastard he was when he killed you.
copyright © 2003-2007 jhorsley3. all rights reserved. So my friend Dylan, this is for you, on the day of your birth. Good job on not being dead by 26! Heres to hoping you are still alive next year! Ah-men and praise ALA!!! P.S. – If I still had those nude photos of you I would have posted them today.


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