09/07/07 – late night Criminal Intent.

I love this show. I still can’t decide if I like it of SVU better, it really is a tough call. When it comes to cop chows/crime dramas they just don’t get much better then this. It’s good stuff.

I’ll be honest, I have nothing to post about, other then we did pretty well at the garage sale and I’m putting in some applications at Keyport. I’ll update you all more on this tomorrow. The real reason I am posting this to test out my new footer, to see how it shows up. Someone suggested I do something like this to get more readers or some shit, so meh here it is. Took me a few minutes to get it to look decent.

I guess I’ll post you a random picture of something….hold on…..

Here you go, me cruising with Jack…

That’s all, I’m out.


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