09/ 24/07 – Something big happens tomorrow, oh yeah KNOCKED UP get’s released on DVD! Sweets YEAH!

The question of the day:

“Why do good girls like bad guys, knowin that bad guys tell mad lies? And why do dog niggaz want a honey wit class? Sometimes you want more than just a honey wit ass”

I think I am going to get with Dylan and open the Church of Earl. Where we preach the good word of DMX. I think it’s something that NEEDs to be done, for the good of man.

Where else can little boys and girls learn about how to treat a bitch, how to keep yo dawgs in check, and how to run a successful dog fighting ring at your house.

We can also touch on the finer points of burying and burning dog carcasses.

Lastly, we could touch on how to react when the cops arrest you for said dog fighting ring.

It goes without saying, but the main focus of this church is how to teach people to be a complete fucking loon, but yet come across as this hard ass really cool black person, not just another crazy nigger (I say that with love Eddie Griffin). 

So I’ve kept to my word and had new strips to post. Go me! This week will be a special ‘daily’ week, where you will see a new strip posted every day! Exciting huh? I thought so. I’ve written up a TON of notes for strips and have been sketching them out pretty regularly. There will be some pretty funny, and probably offensive, stories in the near future.

Here is a list of things you have to look forward to in the next month of y2cl strips:

  • Gay Jokes (and lots of them)!
  • New Characters!
  • The return of some old characters (followed by their untimely deaths)!
  • An attempt to make the Holocaust funny!
  • Hitler!
  • Kids Songs gone wrong!
  • A y2cl Character gets laid, with a woman!
  • Tim finds true love!
  • Nick fights crime!
  • JN find’s a woman!
  • Garret Gets a job!
  • Kepa gets in trouble for ‘fiddling’ with something at a
  • Dylan gets a puppy!
  • God smites, Kilpson bits!
  • Larry goes to rehab!
  • Your Mom!
  • More jokes about MxPx!
  • A Theme Song!

What an exciting series of stories there will be! OMFG I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Oh, and to top it all off, I’m going to draw a nipple in a strip.

Oh yeah, Halo 3 gets released tomorrow. $10 says I don’t play it for AT LEAST a week.



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