Today is a day like no other! There has never been a day like today, and a day like today will never exist again! Unless you believe in the chaos theory then it absolutely will happen again exactly as it did today given an infinite about of time and infinite […]

February 14th, in the year of Twenty Seventeen.

Holy shit.  Yeah, that’s how I’m going to start this.  Why? Cause I’m in shock of what today is.  10 years married! Yeah you read that right. 10 years ago today I signed away my soul..I mean joined my soul with the most amazing woman I have ever met in […]

10 years Married!

In honor of my father I like to post a story or something about his life that I thought was awesome. This was awesome. For a while he held the record in the entire nation for the highest youth bowling series. He bowled this tournament with his older brother Jimmy […]

Highest in the Nation

So….These 4 comics tell the mostly true tale of how Kaylie’s wedding ring got lost at her mom’s wedding last year…and we kidna sorta fought bout who’s fault it was off and on. Turns out it was mine. Crap. Hopefully this works as a public apology! PROTIP: Use the little […]

The tale of the lost wedding ring

2016-09-01-TH3 - Frist day of School 2016
YAY! The kids go back school today! Kodi is going into 8th grade! I’m so proud of him. He’s not in this cause he leaves 2 hours earlier than the other kids and I just didn’t get a picture of him. Jakob is in 5th grade! Holy crap in a […]

First Day of School 2016!