y2cldailoy - Deadpool
So I saw Deadpool last night. Saw it with  my wife, my buddy Joshua and his girlfriend Vanessa. It was a cornucopia of love and madness. So some of you may know, Deadpool is a very interesting character that has developed and changed over the years. He is hardly anything […]

Deadpool – A review in the key of D Minor

y2cl1000in2016update 2
Let’s do some numbers! We are ONE MONTH into this CRAZY goal I have set to post ONE THOUSAND comics this year. So how am I doing so far? Let’s look at what I posted in January, shall we? Totals comics posted: 98 Break down by comic series: AVGS – 9 […]

y2cl – The Road to 1000 update 2

John and Kaylie painting
Nine years ago today I was standing at the alter of the pointy church on Sheridan road in Bremerton Washington. A church that has since closed it’s doors. I like to think that after a pair of awesome people such as my wife and me for married there, nothing else […]

Nine years ago today…

2016-01-27-TH3-Kodis real first comic maybe
Hey you! Look up there at the top bar. There’s a new “TH3 WebComics” section! What is this? Well I decided to move my comics oriented around my family off the main site and to my art/blog to give it some fun updates! So now every Wednesday (and often more […]

Team Horsley 3 WebComics!

Jim Lee Scooby Doo
DC seems to LOVE re-boots lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE DC FAN. But for fucks sake, knock it off. Look at this image here. Do we REALLY need Hipster Scooby Doo? Really DC? I mean, I love Jim Lee art, but COME ONE MAN. Do we really […]

DC Re-booting MORE stuff? What the hell.

Time for a rant, so if you don’t want to read me ranting right now is the time the leave this website and find something better. Might I suggest heading over the ChannelAte and reading some of the fine comics there? Wanting to stick around? Good, let’s start with Saturday. I […]

What a shitty weekend.

yodawg relaunch
Seriously DC Comics? You are relaunching everything 5 years after you did NEW 52? First off, story wise I enjoy a lot of NEW 52. Conceptual wise I think re-number was a waste. Taking iconic series like Action Comics, Detective Comics, Superman, Batman and starting them over was a huge […]

ANOTHER DC Relaunch?

As you remember from THIS POST RIGHT HERE, I’m trying to post ONE THOUSAND comics on y2cl.net this year. I figured I would give you a little update on where I am with everything, with some breakdowns because I love numbers! So here are some numbers. As of this posting […]

The Road to 1000 in 2016 UPDATE!

Maybe I’m seeing something wrong, or my local store is a bad example, but SEVEN rows of Batman V Superman Action figures and only ONE  Wonder Woman? That insanity. I was told there is an Aquaman toy in this series but him not being easy to find makes sense since […]

Batman V Superman Action figure distribution