2016-04-27-TH3 - Saidey plays
The girls have a desk under my desk. They love to play under there while I work.

Saidey Plays

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So it’s been a bit since I update you all on my goal of posting 1000 comics in 2016, so why don’t we fix that! So last time I updated you on my progress I have a total of 436 comics posted and in queue for 2016. This was on […]

y2cl – The Road to 1000 update 3

2016-04-20-TH3 - POOF JACK
I need to stop playing with these apps on my phone. Made with the Graphic Novel app.


Tegan gets a bee sting
Tegan got her first bee sting today. She cried a little, then she said what you see in the comic. She is so funny, I love her!

Tegan gets a bee sting

ECCC Day 3 with Kaylie
To start this thing off, check out this sweet video ECCC posted that has both Saidey AND Tegan in it! (at the 32 second mark) Thanks to everyone for making #ECCC the best one yet! We hope to see you next year! Save the date: March 2-5, 2017 Posted by […]

Emerald City Comic Con 2016!

Who said taking 5 kids to a comic convention was a good idea? Holy shit man. Full update on the blog coming soon, but…man. The kids had a great time, that’s what’s important.

ECCC 2016 Day 4 with the whole family!

ECCC Day 3 with Kaylie
Today was so much fun. Any day I can spend with Kaylie is a great one. Kaylie spent some time talking with Chad Hardin, the artist on the solo Harley Quinn comic. He was nice enough to do a small Harley Quinn sketch on one of the covers for Tegan […]

ECCC Day 3 with Kaylie!